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Kristine Albrecht has explored the roles of women in society through watercolor paintings and clay for the past two decades. In the late 1980s, producing mixed-media watercolor portraits of women with overlays of words and commentary, she addressed issues facing women of the day and women of her mother’s generation.   In 2013, she began her current series in clay which  illuminates individual women inventors and pioneers whose stories are little known or have been forgotten.  Through her research, she found that rarely were the contributions of women acknowledged in the same way as their male counterparts and that the women struggled for their ideas to be heard.  Albrecht learned that women were unable to take out patents on their work; they were unable to apply for business loans and were rejected by suppliers who refused to engage with women on business matters.  

Impressed by the women’s resolve, patience and tenacity, Albrecht was moved by their determination to never give up even under the most trying of circumstances.  Albrecht decided to pass on their stories through her artwork so as to inspire other women and observers.  She was inspired by the challenge of taking their stories and making them into three dimensional works of art.